Register Your Team

Teams must be limited to five people. The Competition will include several Collaborative Charrette Meetings (see Timeline section below) where competition team members may present their in-progress designs and get direct feedback from the Chicago Collaborative.

At least one team member must attend each Collaborative Charrette Meeting in person according to the Timeline.  Therefore, teams should be based in the Chicago area.

Those not wanting to submit a design but still wanting to participate are encouraged to participate in the Collaborative Charrette Meetings scheduled.

Entry Fee

Registrants are required to send a check for their team’s entry fee after they have registered. Further instructions will be provided after registration.

  • $100 for professional firm teams (ex: Architecture Firm + Engineering Firm Team)
  • $50 for individual teams outside of firms
  • $25 for students


  • Registration Opens: 1/1/2014

  • Registration Closes: 1/30/2014

Register Here!

Please email the below information to to register:

  • Team Name
  • Team Member(s) – Name & Email Address
  • Team Type (Professional, Individual, Student)

4 responses to “Register Your Team

  1. Dear Sir or Madam,
    I registered my team yesterday, but I haven’t received any confirmation email. As a result, and since I haven’t found any information about it, I don’t know where and who should I send the check for the registration fee. Therefore, I would appreciate if you could tell me where can I found this information.
    Thank you in advance,
    Alvaro Gonzalez

  2. Could someone provide more details about the entry fee payment? Does it need to be sent via a physical check? If so, then what address? Or is there a digital option?

  3. Hi Everyone!

    Thanks for all of the registrations. You will be receiving a confirmation email tonight after registration closes with next steps. We’re still working through the payment process with ILFI and will let everyone know the particulars as soon as possible.


    Brian, Bob & Karin

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