Competition Update: NEW SITE SELECTED!!

We’ve had an interesting month examining alternate sites for the design competition.  Based on feedback at last week’s Collaborative meeting, we have decided to go with a site on the Near West Side directly adjacent to four major institutions: the United Center, Malcolm X College, Cook County Hospital & Rush Hospital.

The Near West Side site is representative of an ‘in between’ site in the City of Chicago:  In between already established local destinations, i.e. The United Center, Malcolm X City College, Rush University Medical Center, and to a larger scale, in between downtown Chicago and the outer city.

This type of leftover space is common in Chicago, a city defined by its neighborhoods.  Successful development of this site that is guided by Living Building principles could be used as a template for other Chicago neighborhoods in the future.

In addition, LBCC Chicago has partnered with Biomimicry Chicago to perform an AskPlace research project which analyzes the original, pre-development site conditions and recommends locally-attuned, restorative design strategies for the project site.

We’re excited about the new direction for the competition!  Please forward the Competition website and forward the Competition Flyer to anyone who might be interested.


Bob & Brian


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